Nectunt Blog

Social Dilemmas and Human Behavior


This is the blog associated to Nectunt website. It discusses Social Dilemmas and Human Behavior and it is edited by José A. Cuesta, Carlos Gracia-Lázaro, Yamir Moreno and Anxo Sánchez. Occasionally, we will have invited posts by researchers in this and related fields, but we will be in charge of the core of the blog.

For the last few years, as described in detail in Nectunt, we have been working on understanding human cooperation from different angles. Thus, we have carried out quite a lot of theoretical research, studying models with analytical and simulation techniques to shed light on how cooperation among (unknown or anonymous) humans may arise and be stable. Subsequently, seeking for confirmations of our predictions and for further insights on the issue, we started carrying out experiments with human subjects following the protocol of experimental economics. All this work have been carried by us both as a group and also as part of collaborations with external researchers. In our honest opinion, we have contributed a few relevant results to the field; prominent among those are our experiments on cooperation on networks and their theoretical explanation in terms of a strategy called moody conditional cooperation. However, the problem is still far from solved, and besides many other researchers are also carrying out very interesting work on it. This blog is therefore devoted to the issue of cooperation beyond our own findings.

We welcome you to glance through our posts and share with us your thoughts or knowledge on this subject, whose importance for understanding society cannot be overstated. In case you do want to contribute, please check our comment policy.



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